Luke Dreyer – Accomplished A Lot In The Business World

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Direct response television advertising is a term that no one can define, despite the fact that virtually everyone has seen one. You will usually see these advertisements when you are up late at night—they are sometimes referred to colloquially as “infomercials”. You know the type—the advertisement that shows you a product and asks you to respond immediately by calling a number or accessing a website. They usually have a pitchman who shows how to use the products. These advertisements are extremely effective, that is why they proliferate on late night television.

Luke Dreyer is a man who has accomplished a lot in the business world. He has founded and run a number of nationally recognized businesses that specialized in marketing and sales. His unique business style blends a mind for innovation with a reliance on experience which he has accrued over the years. Dreyer is now the COO of Spotlauncher, probably the single most successful direct response television advertisement company in the industry. The company is based in Tampa, Florida, which is sometimes called the “Hollywood of DRTV”. Dreyer’s innovative ideas have helped to bring Spotlauncher to the pinnacle of the direct response television industry. With leadership like this, it is no surprise that Spotlauncher is doing as well as it is.